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Why Øke?

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I'm blessed to be a Mum to a gorgeous 8 year old girl who is the reason I strive to make the world a better place. I work full time and Øke has swiftly evolved into my side passion and is just one more reason I need 48 hours in every day!

Based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney our family spends a lot of time in the great outdoors and a healthy lifestyle is a core focus when it comes to our wellbeing. As I strive to set a good example for my daughter when it comes to how we treat our bodies, I also want to share my findings with others.

Øke is about boosting your overall health and feeling better in yourself. After having a baby my body was run down and neglected; broken nails, split ends, hair loss and weathered skin. This inspired my venture to find essential supplements and resulted in a journey of discovery which revealed just how diluted or contaminated many of the marine collagen products in the current marketplace were. 

Quality was not something I was willing to compromise on and before long Øke was born. Wild caught from the crystal clear waters of Norway our products offer 100% PURE marine collagen. The highest grade ingestible marine collagen peptides which are ethically sourced in accordance to Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) standards.

At Øke we understand how fast-paced life can be and pride ourselves on making it easy to give yourself that extra boost! Reacquaint yourself with strong nails, hair, bones and joints and glowing skin.


You may be asking yourself, what is collagen and why do I need it?  

Collagen makes up a third of all proteins in our body - but when we hit the ripe age of 25, our body’s ability to produce collagen drastically reduces. 

Collagen is responsible for keeping our skin glowing, boosting our roots to give us luscious locks, it supports our joints, bones, tendons, ligaments and strengthens our nails. So to say the least - it’s pretty important.  Since our production of collagen decreases as we age, we need to help it out by giving it a little extra boost. After all, our body does a lot for us, it’s the least we can do. 

So, why don’t you "sip" into something more comfortable and give yourself the Øke boost.