Our Commitment – Øke Products

Our Commitment


Øke is committed to developing the highest grade formulas from around the globe - all backed by research proven ingredients and expert knowledge. This standard forms the basis of each and every product we create. Rest assured you can be 100% confident that our formulas deliver the most powerful and effective results.

Research backed

All of our ingredients are backed by clinical research and the extensive knowledge from our team of experts. Our products must meet or exceed the highest standards from around the globe.

We have gone through rigorous testing and research that prove our products are of the highest grade, sustainably sourced and use the most premium ingredients.

Highest grade & effectiveness

The grade of marine collagen is based on molecular size, the smaller the molecule the more absorbable it is in our bodies. All products at Øke are at the highest end of that spectrum and that means they provide you with the most effective results.

Clinical results

Our ingredients have proven clinical results. For example, lets take the outcome Øke has on skin. When consumed daily for 8-12 weeks it demonstrated the following results:

- 24% increase in skin elasticity
- 21% decrease in wrinkle score
- 16.5% decrease in crows feet wrinkle score
- 21% increase in skin firmness

Sustainably sourced

We are proud to say that all of our products are sustainably sourced in accordance with stringent Marine Stewardship Council (MSC certified) standards.

Our commitment is to continuously do our best for the environment. From our ingredients right through to our packaging, our products are responsibly and sustainably sourced. 

Our environment is and will always be extremely important to us!